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Amended Tax Preparation Services – 1040x

Sometimes, you may need to revise your tax return; San Diego’s top accounting firm, Abbo Tax, can help amend your tax situation with the IRS by assisting in the completion of amended tax returns such as the Form 1040X and Form 1040.

Why Should I File an Amended Tax Return?

Filing an amended tax return allows you to make changes and accurately state your filing status, income, deductions, dependents and tax credits. Some of the reasons why you may need to file an altered tax return include:

  • You claim additional dependents
  • You remove dependents you previously claimed
  • Claim additional tax credits
  • Report additional income
  • Make few changes in your deductions
  • Change your personal exemptions
  • Report your correct filing status
  • Remove mistakenly taken tax credits
  • Recalculate the sum of the credits
  • Report extra withholding

Although it might not seem very difficult to complete and file such an amendment, it is recommended to use specialized Amended Tax Return Preparation Services in order to make sure you complete it with all the required information and provide all the necessary explanations and documentation. Our certified accountants are professionally trained to know what to look for and help amend your tax returns in the proper and correct manner.

Let Abbo Tax CPA help you with your amended tax returns.

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