IRS Wage Garnishment

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IRS Wage Garnishment

Out of all of the various problems that you can receive from an IRS letter, wage garnishment may be one of the most damaging and severe. Managing a wage garnishment structure can be challenging, and having the right people working alongside you is going to be a major element in how you find a solution to the problem in the first place.

At Abbo Tax CPA, we are specialists in managing an IRS wage garnishment structure. This problem can leave you with a significant problem to your finances, and having our team fighting your corner can raise your chances of success.

What Do Wage Garnishments Involve?

The vast majority of the time, a wage garnishment problem can come access when you receive an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy 30-days ago, and you done nothing about it. When this letter arrives, the clock starts ticking – your garnishment is “payday”.

Basically, the IRS take a fine – usually incredibly large – chunk of your monthly earnings to pay what you owe them. They’ll keep doing this until you have paid off every dime; including insurance, extras, fees, fines and interest. As you might imagine this can be an easy way to cripple you financially and leave you struggling to pay the rent, the bills and even eat.

When this problem occurs, you should never just accept that it occurred. Instead, get in touch with our team – we can arrange a counter solution that has the potential to help you get a far fairer resolution to manage.

Can’t My Employer Refuse?

No, as soon as this is put on top of your employer they must comply. You can’t ask nicely nor can you ask for a favor. The only solution to getting out of IRS wage garnishment programs is to offer the most convincing argument possible for rejection. At Abbo Tax CPA we have the experience and the knowhow to make sure that this is easier than ever. We can offer the solutions and the suggestions needed to make sure that your case can be reviewed and, hopefully, a more charitable offering can be made to you.

If you want to make sure that you have the best chance of battling back against wage garnishments, you need professional aid. We have experience in finding the most reliable solutions and in the most effective manner possible.

All it takes is a commitment and a desire to get there in the first place; we know how to “get there” so to speak. Our team understands the importance of offering the negotiation of releases from these strict and exceptionally harsh wage garnishments. This can allow you to avoid future arrears from becoming worse and from creating a negative financial spiral in your life.

Not sure how to go about fixing this problem once and for all? Then come and speak to us. We’ll take a look at your own situation and make sure that we offer a reasonable way to get out of this problem and move beyond the situation as is.