Back Taxes Owed

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Back Taxes Owed

For many people in San Diego, owing back taxes can be a big problem. If you are dealing with back taxes try contacting a local CPA.  You need to find the best CPA firm who knows what to look for to deal with the problem.

At Abbo Tax CPA, we have many years of experience in helping clients out of these tight spots. Whether you find that you are spending too much time dealing with IRS or California FTB, we can help.

When Can This Occur?

A lot of San Diego taxpayers get into this problem after filing their tax returns without the money to pay. This is a common situation, and many people then decide to just “catch up” next year.  You might be able to do that, but it can catch up to you.

Before you know it, you can find yourself several years behind in terms of tax payments. This can leave you with a major notice where you owe as much as three to four times the original sum. If you find yourself in this kind of perilous situation, then you need assistance to get out of that scenario.

Tax penalties, interests and various other elements can pile up before you notice it. You can find yourself owing a lot more in back taxes.

How Can You Help?

Our team can help you get out of the situation, most of the time. Our accountancy team can take a look at your situation, and do everything we can to find some kind of alleviation process. Many times we can negotiate or unlock a beneficial end result which can mean that you can walk away from the issue without the incredible sums involved.

If you want to avoid watching those unpaid taxes build up and leave you in a position where you have no way of dealing with it, come and speak to us. Using our expertise of the tax program, we can quickly find a solution that should allow you to alleviate, limit or even fully avoid the massive payment of back taxes.

All you need to do is get in touch with us. We will get started with your tax problems. Once we can ascertain the details of what you may need, we can provide you with our plan for providing a comprehensive solution to hopefully help you get out of this scenario.

Back taxes being owed, with our help, can be a problem finally resolved.