IRS Audit Help

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IRS Audit Help

One of the most stressful things a person can received in the mail is an IRS Audit letter. Audits take significant amount of time to deal with. You will be required gather all records substantiating every item reported on your tax return.  You will also have to develop a comprehensive understanding of tax law.

The IRS will make sure to inspect your tax returns thoroughly.  Their job is to determine the correct tax, not the most. If you decide not to work with the IRS Auditor. The IRS may recalculate your tax based on their estimates.  The IRS will not be kind.

A huge mistake most taxpayers make is not hiring a CPA.  They deal with the tax audit themselves.  This often results in a large tax bill.

IRS Auditors are trained to gather all necessary information.  The Auditor may even have you provide information you are not legally required to provide. The IRS knows that taxpayers are scared and are unaware of taxpayer rights.

As a San Diego CPA firm, we often help our clients with their IRS issues.  We make a normally stressful situation, bearable.  We will handle all IRS communication.  We will make sure the IRS won’t push our clients around.

If you’ve received an audit notice contact us now.  We are happy to provide a consultation with a CPA.