IRS Levy

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IRS Levy

Dealing an IRS Levy can be challenging and expensive.  These are typically common issues that can leave you dealing with a staggering increase in cost.

Levies can, with no exaggeration, be the kind of action taken against you that could ruin your entire life. They have the potential to take everything that you have in terms of your assets to repay the money that you owe them. A levy is, essentially, a message from the IRS saying that you have already avoided contact, and the last warning is now due.

A levy is used to secure your wages, and whatever assets and values that you have. If you owe someone something, they will come along and take it. This can be anything from checking accounts and stocks to bonds, boats and even a social security check.

Rest assured – the challenge of dealing with IRS levies is not one that you should be looking to deal with alone. At Abbo Tax CPA, we can help you deal with the problem from the start with a cool head and a professional look at the options.

How We Combat your IRS Levy

  • We always look to give our clients the most effective plan of attack before deciding on the next move.
  • To do this, we look to try and find the problems that are causing the levy to be introduced in the first place.
  • We look at your financial situation as a whole and find the key contributors. From there, we can begin to formulate a greater idea of who you are and why the IRS levy problem has occurred in the first place.
  • Our team can help you out by surveying the whole situation, before creating a diverse solution that is to the benefit of everyone.

Levying a bank account means that you will have checks bouncing, creating an uncertainty in the way that your business can be run, for example. This is a situation that can quite quickly lead to the crippling of your business and everything you have. Even if you just run a normal household with no business attachments, IRS levies can leave you fighting a losing battle.

So, we help to fight back by offering a solution that can help to find a compromise. Whilst the majority of the time flat out getting away from IRS levies can be a major challenge, we can help be the voice of reason. Our team can help you come up with a comprehensive solution that will be your best shot at showing the IRS that a levy is not needed, and that we can find a more amicable way to deal with the problem.

Handling this problem will go a long way to helping you move on from your financial issues, so come and speak to us to see what the next plan of action is.

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