IRS Seizures

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IRS Seizures

When the term “seizure” is threatened by the IRS, it’s usually time to listen.

At Abbo Tax CPA, we help clients take on and eventually defeat brutal IRS seizures by building a platform fueled by facts and the truth. With our knowledge in accountancy we can take a look at your own situation and the best way to make it be seen by the IRS properly. We are excellent at making sure client are looked at again with a more lenient and balanced view, making it clear that your situation is not intentional nor wanted.

With this approach, we can be the professional weight of opinion and fact that can help your solution be dealt with before it deteriorates.

Why Do Seizures Occur with the IRS?

Unlike, say, an IRS levy, seizures take place when there are no or limited assets to take such as in a levy, seizures are a genuine possession of physical items like your home, your car, appliances and various other items – items that you may need or view as integral.

This is naturally a huge problem, but usually only comes as the final part of a breakdown in relations with the IRS. This can lead to the punishments discussed which is likely to give you a major range of issues when moving forward. Seizures can happen when someone ignores requests or when they refuse to make any payments to outstanding taxes over a specific threshold.

Seizures are not something that you should dismiss or see as a threat. This can be a situation that sees you with both a home and transport in a matter of hours. Everything that you own inside could be taken from the property as a physical seizure until you have paid off your arrears.

Given that many of your goods will be sold in flash auctions for fractions of their normal value, you can find that even reaching the IRS seizure threshold with what you have is going to be tough. For this reason, it makes sense to come and work with the professionals.

How Can You Help with IRS Seizures?

We can help you fight back and avoid this problem from occurring. If you are scared of closures and what it’s likely to mean for you, then come and see us. We can help you get the problem dealt with before auctions become needed.

Then, you can make sure that everything you own and cherish and love can be kept. There is no way for you to manage handling IRS seizures without the right kind of story, reason and solution in hand. We can help you make the most of all of these key ingredients, helping to make it much easier to convince the IRS to give you another chance.

If you worry for your chances of avoiding problems with the IRS, then you only need to turn to our team today. We can help you find the way out in the form of a comprehensive solution that will help you to reduce seizures from being selected.