Individual Tax Preparation Services

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Individual Tax Services – Form 1040

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San Diego’s best accounting firm, Abbo Tax, offers individual tax services to assist self-employed individuals with tax preparation and filing.

We understand that the tax filing process can often be tedious and difficult, leaving room for errors and mistakes. Filing errors may not only cost you time and money, but may potentially result in criminal charges and mandatory additional fines paid to the IRS.

Don’t jeopardize your personal livelihood or well-being of your business with tax mistakes; let our professional and experienced staff help you with your return. Trained and certified to deal with tax matters, our team will ensure your taxes are filed in the correct manner.

We Stay Current

Federal, state and local tax laws constantly change and vary each year. Our team of tax professionals stays up-to-date with the latest tax laws and changes to ensure the best possible service to our clients. Staying knowledgeable with different and varying federal and state laws assists us in providing the most applicable deductions to your tax forms, as well as understanding different trends and developments within the industry.

Maximize Deductions

Abbo Tax is dedicated to maximizing qualified deductions for each of our clients.

From tuition deductions and retirement income to corporate profit and loss statements, Abbo Tax will examine all possible deductions and apply them to help you save money.

Receive Specialized Attention

Just like people and businesses, no two tax forms or filing procedures are the same. Our team is concerned about your tax needs and works to ensure an honest and attentive customer experience every step of the way.

Each business and individual requires personal attention and our San Diego certified public accountants ensure a comfortable and welcoming encounter with each visit. We deal with specialized cases and encourage you to contact Abbo Tax to ask how our tax professionals can assist you.