FTB Levies

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FTB Levies

Businesses all across the San Diego tend to run into tax problems regarding FTB levies. FTB levies in particular are a common but extremely stressful issue and without the right input and advice, they can become an issue that strangles and limits your businesses potential for years to come.

To avoid this problem, you need to understand just how dangerous dealing with FTB levies can be. This is not just another idle tax threat; a levy is something that you have to take seriously. We recommend that you bring in assistance and support from our team as soon as possible, to help you get through any of the challenges usually associated with this issue.

What are Levies?

Levies from the FTB need to be looked at extremely carefully. Although sometimes they can be erroneous and sent by mistake, the majority of the time they are usually accurate. Whilst we will always look to verify if it’s even a legitimate claim in the first place, you should be prepared to combat an FTB levy.

The issue is that an FTB levy means that you lose all legal authority over how this can be collected. This leaves you dealing with levy amounts that can be quite staggering, leaving you dealing with add-ons like penalties, fees and even interest. This means that your levy problem can become an issue that leaves you with no financial power whatsoever.

If you fear being in this scenario, or you already are, then you need clinical and professional advice. At BUSINESS we have operated in the financial industry for X years, providing help with problems such as FTB levies to clients. If you need experience in arranging the right resolution to your problems, then you need only get in touch with our team starting today.

How Can You Help My FTB Levies?

We can look into the levy and why it was provided in the first place. The majority of levies are provided because of a financial debt and it can mean, with the accruement of interest, that you can have a major issue on your hands regarding meeting the payments.

Our team can look at your situation and find the most amicable – and realistic – form of compromise. Our experts will also look into the best ways that we can combat the situation to try and have it removed from the equation entirely, if this is possible.

The majority of FTB levy problems, though, need to be dealt with using the right kind of information. We look to develop a plan of action that paints your needs in the best light possible. We’ll do everything that is possible to make a valid, factual cause for why you should be provided with the extra help and treatment that you may need.

If you are in the process of dealing with FTB levies, then get in touch with our team today.  Visit San Diego’s Best Accounting Firm, Abbo Tax CPA.  We can begin to arrange the details needed to put together a strategic to handle the levy scenario.