Should I use a CPA or Prepare my Own Taxes?

Should I use a CPA or Prepare my Own Taxes?

Taxation is, like death, the only certainty in life – or so the old saying goes. One thing that isn’t certain, though, is how taxation works – and how you need to plan for it in the weeks, months and years to come. Taxation laws and rules can change, and for many people in areas like San Diego the web of taxation planning needed can become an exercise in frustration. This is why, in a bid to make sure it’s all handled correctly, many people choose to turn to a CPA.

So, should you do your own taxes? Or is hiring a CPA a good idea for those looking for something a little bit more decisive?

Going It Alone

For some, going it alone makes sense. If you are financially sound, if you can find taxation laws at all levels understandable, and if you have ample time to prepare, then going alone can be a good idea. Those who have relatively easy means of managing their finances – for example, those who work online and find all of their ins and outs easier to track via online referencing – can do it alone.

Those who need to track a web of receipts and keep stock of just about every penny they spend/earn in paper form might need some help. Going it alone is a time consuming process, but you don’t need to spend any money or time preparing for an accountant.

Instead, all the time that you invest into tax management has the benefit of moving you closer to completion. For that reason, many people choose to go it alone.

Getting Help

By the same thinking, though, hiring a CPA makes more sense for those who lack any of the above. Getting your taxes wrong can see you enter long and challenging disputes with the various taxation bodies in the US. As such, getting it done right the first time – and quickly – can be a source of stress relief.

While you need to then shell out for the professional opinions of an accountant, you are paying for precision. Now you’ll be in line with the taxation authorities and you’ll be far more likely to make sure that every time you put your accounts in, they are fully accepted by the government.

It’s a personal choice, but bringing in help always makes sense if you are even 1% unsure of what’s needed.

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